Martin Tanner Tuesdays

Martin Tanner Tuesdays is a series of staged readings: for 3 years the series ran in Kansas City, MO, generally on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  The venues changed but the level of artistry and the amount of fun did not.  Most readings were presented concert-style but a few were fully staged script-in-hand productions.   Other such readings were done in Topeka, KS, and in NYC.  Herman Johansen has also directed such a reading in Los Angeles that was produced by The Blank Theatre in Hollywood.  There are no readings currently scheduled but that is likely to change in the next year or so— so check back in the future.


The photo to the left is of the cast of the Caldwell’s Bomb (by Bill Rogers) reading in NYC at the Dramatists Guild of America.  From left: Trip Plymale, Roy Brown, Herman Johansen (director), Liz Douglas and Tyler Horn.